What Have I Done?

Oh lord, people, what did I do?

The housetraining, the chewing....

But just look at those eyes...and she was an orphan...can I use the excuse of it being maternal instinct?

Yea, that sounds good to me.

It had nothing to do with the floppy ears, the wee little paws, the teensy nose...

Nope, not at all.


SUSIE said...

She's beautiful!!! What did you name her??? My advice is to be consistent, much like with a baby... You are going to have your hands full with a baby and a puppy.. They have puppy training pads, so if you can't get outside at least she'll know where she has to go. Some people think he's controversial, but check out the Dog Whisperer on the Discovery Channel. He's amazing and will get you on the right track regarding discipline.

Enjoy! I love my dog.

Catwoman said...

Oh gosh! She is GORGEOUS! Those blue eyes! That sweet face!

But (shudder) all that potty training and like you said chewing and destruction!

Good luck!!!!

We got Satan's Dog when Little Man was 11 months old, and it's cool that they're getting to grow up together! Hopefully your baby girl and the puppy will be best friends.