Haiku Friday!

Haiku Friday

watching Lost again
don't know what is going on
might have a stroke now

dance of rage on couch
what could be wrong with mama
Lost is now over.

what is smoke monster
who is ghost man in cabin
so many questions

while I sleep in peace
cats destroy the house with glee
why bounce off my head?

dog sits over there
airborne fur floats gently by
how is dog not bald?

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secret agent mama said...

I just watched it, over lunch! WOW!

janet said...

i'm totally lost over "lost." couldn't get into it in season one and now? forget it.

Kathryn said...

Wow. So many people are writing about Lost that it almost makes me want to start watching it. Almost.

Anonymous said...

I loved seasons 1&2, but I dropped it like a hot potato when Kate picked Sawyer. I'm glad I'm out. Too many unanswered questions and no answers.

Harmony said...

People said I'd like Lost, but my 24 obsession is disruptive enough. Hahaha