Haiku Friday Pt. 2

Haiku Friday

Tiny little pup
You are smarter than I thought
Always poop outside

So far no chewing
Except on the other dog
She is sick of you

Don't go over there
Do you not hear me calling
Now I have to run

No you still can't go
Quit trying to go 'round me
I block you with foot

Tiny little pup
I think I found your one flaw
Stubborn little shit

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MommyCosm said...

I have two dogs. My mother just brought home a tiny puppy to be a companion for her dog. She keeps bragging about how well behaved he is. I keep telling her "just wait".

Puppies are adorable and dogs are awesome. I can't stand the teenage stage.

Cute haiku. Good luck and enjoy!

Kathryn said...

HAHA! That last line is a killer. HA!

secret agent mama said...

That was too funny!! Good luck!

~JJ! said...


AnotherMomCreation said...

That is so cute.

Nice one.

janet said...

very funny! i know the stubborn little shit stage very very well!

storyteller said...

Ah … you could be describing my Beagle, Charly (who passed after sharing my life for 16 years, rest his little doggie soul). Wonderful Haiku! Good luck!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Sounds just like a puppy..or a toddler.