So...What Country Should I Move To?

Well, Americans have spoken.

Evidently a great many of Ron Paul's supporters are great at clicking a mouse, leaving rude comments on news sites, and text messaging their asses off, but when it comes down to actually tearing themselves away from their computers and go out to vote...not so much.

Evidently it's all well and good to howl and scream about liberty and freedom and the constitution on some message board, but when he actually needs you to stand up and be counted...well folks, you let him down.

Big time.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fact of the matter is that Ron's pretty much finished. He's still running a distant fourth. He didn't do well on Super Tuesday. Face the facts, guys-he's not gonna be president.


It looks as though I need to start looking into a new place to win, because, seriously? McCain? No. This guy is basically Bush part 2. Romney? Basically, when it boils down to it, he's the same as McCain. 90% of their policies are the same. I really don't know what these guys find to bicker so much about.


And don't get me started on Obama or Hillary. I want a president with some freakin' political experience, thanks, and one with a decent game plan that doesn't consist of just yelling about how he will change everything and then not having any specifics to give about said mysterious change. And I refuse to vote for someone whom I do not agree with on anything, purely on the basis of her having a vagina. Sorry, feminists.

Plus I'm just way too conservative to vote democrat.

I'm upset. This was the first time in my life that I've ever felt excited, really giddy and excited, about a presidential candidate. I really felt like Paul could bring this country out of its slump and get us going uphill again.

But I guess Americans are too stuck in their ways. Change? Oh, change is scary. We don't want that. We want someone that will SAY he's going to change stuff, but not actually change anything, cuz yea, we'd rather just sit here while our country collapses around our ears then actually have to deal with things being a little different. Freedom? Taking care of ourselves? Who needs that? Let's just let the government tell us what to do and wipe our asses and hey, if they want to read our e-mails and restrict our freedoms in the process, who cares?

So, what countries are nice? I like Ireland. Or maybe Scotland. Canada, maybe? Catwoman, your blog title is so totally me right now, cuz I'm totally thinking Canadian Thoughts In Texas.

I like Australia, but good grief, too many deadly things live there.


I'm so sad.


Rachel said...

Dude, Canada is cold!!

Emma in Canada said...

Well I'd vote for Ireland myself but politically? The PM is corrupt. And while we currently have a conservative gov't in Canada Stephen Harper is an eejit. And Canada as a whole is pretty liberal if you're someone with conservative values. I'm with you on Australia though...too many deadly things.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd be upset with Canada. Emma's right. It's liberal. As is Scotland, to tell you the truth. Ireland is more conservative.

I wanted Paul to win, too. But, when the party as a whole refuses to give him any props, you know he stood no chance.

Hillary & Obama scare the bejeebers outta me.

Catwoman would be the first to tell you Canada is cold. I've gone shopping with her...she buys HEAVY stuff for Canadian trips.

Catwoman said...

well, I'm obviously late to this party, but let me just tell you that by Canadian standards? I was VERY conservative. By Texas standards? I'm a communist.

So... Canada? By US standards? Very liberal.

You kind of have to be to offer universal healthcare to everyone in the country, you know? :)