In Your Face, Buddy

So? The date?

SO awesome.

My friend whisked Wee One away for an overnight stay at her house (with much wiggling of eyebrows and suggestive comments) and off we went.

We stopped at a coffee shop and had coffee, where we talked long enough to have to buy refills, before going off to the movies.

We kept it simple, I think, because both of us were kinda wondering if we'd actually click hanging out as opposed to chatting via the phone or IM.

Oh, the butterflies. I had TOTALLY forgotten how awesome the whole first date, hand holding experience was. We ended up sitting in the parking lot and talking for about 4 hours when he brought me back to my house (will this guy and I never run out of things to talk about? Seriously?) because I'm totally a chicken, and I was too scared to bring him inside, because I am so not putting out on the first date. I'm too gun shy for that.

Although you guys deserve honesty and I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't tempted because, HELLO, it has been like a freaking year, ohmygod, come on.

Ok. Slut moment over.

There was much smooching at the end, though.

And, as an added bonus...

Word has gotten back to Ex, that, OMIGOD, I went on a date. Word is that he is green, oh so green. Evidently he wasn't expecting me to, like, ever date anyone again. I think it will be interesting to hear what he has to say next time I see him.

Is it wrong that I'm just a little bit gleeful that just maybe he's regretting his manwhore ways now that he sees that I'm actually, you know, OVER him?

And the best part? I really don't care. I feel a sort of vindictive satisfaction, yes, but honestly his feelings on the matter interest me in an offhand kinda way, sort of a "Oh, gee, wonder if I've seen this episode of Will and Grace before?" kinda way.

Ahhh...life is good.


Rachel said...

So glad the date went well!!!! And, glad the Ex is green! Stupid ass men!

AnotherMomCreation said...

So Awesome!

I am very happy you had fun!

Kidd Panther said...

Really wanna make him green, cross a couple of color lines.

Kristy said...

Well good for you!