My Triumphant Return

It's been awhile, folks.

Quite a long while. I've been on hiatus from blogging for a few months now. I hardly dare imagine that any of my old readers will discover this new little blog I have. But the old one, well...it just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Not floating my boat, as they say.

I decided mommy blogging was just a little bit too limiting for me. I like to rant about random crap, and that crap doesn't always involve my kiddo, wonderful though she is. It also had quite a bit about my ex in there, and as I've since moved on to a different place (both mentally and physically) I didn't want to continue blogging with all that history hanging about the place. Maybe I'm just weird. Who knows.

At any rate, this here little corner of the blogosphere is my new home. Time will tell whether or not I'll post here regularly, or if I've just moved on from blogging entirely. I plan to find out. If anyone wants to read my little ramblings in the meantime, yay. If not, well, that's OK too. Although I must admit I am a comment whore, and having a good slew of comments goes a long way towards encouraging postings from me.

Onwards, friends!


~JJ! said...

Believe it or not, I never took you off my reader...Welcome back.

Hope you are well...

I've moved a few times too...

Great to see you!


Rachel said...

I've kept you on my reader too. Glad you're back.