Help Some Wolves...C'mon, Pretty Please?

First of all, I know you guys are all big softies. And I know all you lovely people will be appalled at this. *Warning* Video is very disturbing.

This sickens me. These people can't even hunt these animals normally. They run them down in planes, until they are too exhausted to run anymore, and then they get out and shoot them. Sometimes, they just shoot them from the air, often not even killing them outright, and then leave them there to die a long, slow death. Why? Because they believe that the wolves are killing "their" animals, i.e. deer, elk.

They think they have more of a right to go out and hunt animals with their guns, for sport, then the wolves do to hunt and feed their families.

Fact of the matter is, wolves take out the weak, sick animals, improving the health of the overall species, and insuring plenty of future population growth. It's only humans who go out and hunt the biggest, healthiest animals, to the detriment of the herd. Then they want to bitch and moan about how the wolves are killing so many of them that there aren't any left for them to hunt, when it is they themselves taking out the best of the gene pool, that is causing the decline.

Did I mention wolves are on the endangered species list?

You can thank good ol' George W. for this.

It makes me so mad I could just explode.

Anyway, if you want to help out, go here.

You don't have to donate any money. Just take 5 minutes of your day to sign a petition to help stop this shit.

Go on.
You know you want to.


Catwoman said...

I've helped by sending the letter to my Rep. Hopefully this can get enough attention to end this. It's absolutely horrible!

Doodaddy said...

Yeah, people don't really get the point that predator hunting is just plain stupid. I know, you're gonna say I'm a San Francisco lefty, but no, I'm all for hunting -- as long as it's reasonably humane and *not predators*!

Scout's Honor said...

Hunting those wolves (and coyotes for that matter ) is despicable.

Woman, while I might not share the same views, I love the strength of your political convictions. I am definitely enjoying your blog. Rant on, my friend. Rant on!