Lost Loves

My oh my, I've been dreaming up a storm lately. I swear I won't turn this into a dream blog.


Last night's was a kicker, though. It involved a guy I knew back in High School. We'll call him Mike. Mike was one of those guys you just can't help liking. Funny as hell, cute, gave great massages...and, alas, just a friend. I couldn't help falling for Mike, but I was forever assigned to the Friends category in his mind. I remember curling up with him in one of those big round chairs to watch movies and just sitting there, the whole time, not even paying attention to the movie. Just enjoying being curled up with him. I can still remember how his cologne smelled. It was your classic case of unrequited love, made slightly worse by being just buddies...and the fact that Mike was an incurable flirt, and so regularly got my hopes up, only to start dating some random chic. It wasn't done in a mean way, he never purposely led me on or anything...but it sucked, just the same. Eventually we grew apart and I moved on.

At any rate, I hadn't thought about Mike for a couple of years at least when, lo and behold, look who I run across on Myspace. Would he remember me? Yes indeed. We haven't sparked our friendship back up, but he is on my buddy list. And, evidently, in my subconscious. Last night I had the most bittersweet dream. We were back in high school, and I was mooning around after Mike, just like the old days. But, lo and behold, this time he LIKED ME BACK. We snuggled, we smooched, we...well, anyway, he liked me. THAT way. Do you remember what it felt like, back then, when the guy you were head over heels for actually returned the feelings? The giddiness, the butterflies, the floating on air? The sheer perfect happiness of the moment?

I didn't realize, until I woke up, looked around, and sighed a melancholy sigh, how much I missed that feeling. What I wouldn't give to feel that again. I MISS it. It's got to be one of the best, top ten feelings you'll ever have.

Anyone else remember that feeling, and long for it?

Also, I totally think I still have a thing for Mike.


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AnotherMomCreation said...

Hey welcome back!

Glad to see you posted again.

I'll get caught up soon!

Hope all is well.