Cloverfield, I Hate Thee

Actually, I haven't even seen the damn movie yet. But that didn't stop the monster from it from chasing me around in my nightmare last night. I can safely say I've never had a dream about a movie monster I've never even SEEN.

Big bastard, too.

Looked kinda like the swamp thing meets godzilla.

If I see the movie and the damn silly thing looks like it did in my dream, I'll shit. And then sue JJ Abrams, or whatever his name is, because he stole my intellectual property.

Or something.

Seriously though.

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SUSIE said...

I can't say that I have had a nightmare pre-movie... I was scared shitless by the movie "7." When he found his girlfriend's head in a box, I thought I would die.

I slept with the light on all night!!!